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From "Old School" to "High Tech" With a Click or Two of the Mouse

 Welcome to Our BLOG!! Let me be honest with you about it.  We will be blogging as often as possible using information and photos original to our clinic personnel.  You may also see a few more generic posts Those posts are meaningful as they will contain information that pertains to the health of our beloved pets.  No sense in reinventing the wheel when there is good stuff out there and out our disposal.

As we take our first shaky steps into the world of interactive online presence, we ask for your patience. We remind you that nothing will ever replace the experience you receive when you are face to face with us at Northwood Hills Animal Hospital.  Our focus, our claim-to-fame, our specialty if you will---is personal service with lagniappe. 

That said, we are understand that online communication is essential to maintaining connections with you. We welcome constructive advice, will consider requests for special content additions to the site, and hope to transform this into a useful and fun tool for each of our clients.  We invite you to engage us in conversation about health care packages, pricing, preventive care for pets, and pretty much any subject we may be qualified to discuss.

 Just remember the first rule of communication with us here and in the clinic:


(Plaque courtesy KC Harrold.)